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MVM Window Films specialise in window film products and application. With over 14 years' experience in the industry, we are well equipped for dealing with a range of glazing related issues. Our team are trained in the film to glass compatibility of each product, and are able to provide quality advice you can trust. Our ethos is to make sure each enquiry is treated as a unique project, taking in to account all the necessary factors so as the installation can be completed to the best possible standard. We have gained valuable technical know-how along the way and pride ourselves on being able to apply this within our wo
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Past projects

  • A long term contract installing safety film to office blocks and glazed atriums in the centre of London (London Bridge City, 2012/2013)

  • Residential properties applying solar film to conservatories. Projects for movie sets, (Royal Opera House, London, 2009) applying safety film to glazing in preparation for stunt work in the screen production of Sherlock Holmes.

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Solar film supplied and installed in nd Fareham and across the UK.
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