Insulating Film

Insulating window film

Increase the energy efficiency of your property with window films from MVM Window Films, Fareham. We offer customised energy control solutions to customers in Hampshire.

Increased energy efficiency

When it comes to year-round temperature control, the first concern that comes to mind for property owners is budget. Making the final buying decision on products that impact temperature control can be difficult. However, with the introduction of low-emissivity (low e) window film such as VE35 and VE50, the decision should be more clear-cut, as low e films help provide energy savings in both warm and cold weather months.

Low e technology enhances a window’s insulating power, significantly reducing heat loss. Like standard window film, it keeps the heat out in summer months. However, what makes this Low e revolutionary film so unique is how it keeps heat in during the winter months. The insulated window film reflects the heat back to its source, locking it inside the building. The additional layer of film essentially transforms a single-pane clear window by increasing its insulation capabilities by up to 40%.
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Fantastic features of energy control window film

  • “Always on” technology - year round energy savings
  •  Carbon emission reductions
  • Manufacturer-backed warranty
  • Excellent UV protection
  • Scratch resistant coating - increased longevity and easy cleaning
  • Low interior visible light reflection 
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Reduce energy costs

Because of its glass insulating capabilities, architectural window film that utilizes a low e coating will help create annual financial savings. It not only reduces heat loss in the winter but also reduces heat gain in the summer, in turn decreasing the operational time of a heating or cooling system. As a result, energy costs can be reduced significantly. 
Application of UV and IR reduction film to existing windows
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