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Bomb blast safety film installed across the UK

MVM Window Films offers bomb blast glazing solutions to commercial establishments and buildings throughout Hampshire and beyond. Our bomb safety window film is designed to provide protection against window glass shatters caused by bomb explosions.
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Anti-blast window film installed in Hampshire

It is crucial for oil terminals, military establishments and other commercial properties to ensure that the glass is structurally reinforced in the event of a violent attack or industrial explosion. Bomb blast window film is used primarily to eliminate the potential risk from overhead glass. The window film consists of multiple layers that help hold the shattered glass together, reducing the damage caused by flying glass.
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Features and benefits

  • Fully tested to ensure it meets current bomb blast standards
  • Impact resistance
  • 10-year warranty
  • Glazing can be upgraded without significantly altering the visual quality
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The blast protection you need

MVM Window Films offers customised bomb blast glazing solutions dependant on the level and type of threat for your business. We provide glazing surveys and will be happy to offer professional advice on the most suitable film for individual requirements.  
Window film applied
“Work done efficiently with minimum fuss and mess, very pleasant workers.”
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